Monday, January 20, 2014

The Buried Life Project

Project visuals:

The Buried Life Project
Author’s Note:
“Your daughter has cancer,” is one of the many things that parents never want to hear. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what my parent’s heard on the eve of my first Christmas. Quite often I find myself pondering what I’m supposed to do in life. I wonder about what God wants me to accomplish and I wonder about why I’m even here when I so easily could’ve been killed by the cancer inside of me. Jeremiah 29:11 says, “'For I know the plans that I have for you,' declares the LORD, 'plans for welfare and not for calamity to give you a future and a hope.” Most people react poorly when you bring up God or the Bible. People don’t want to hear about what you are willing to do for God, but they’d like to know what God can do for them. Throughout my life, God has shown me so many things that He can do, not just for me, but for everyone. God sent His Son to save our souls. Isn’t that enough in and of itself? Not only will He save your soul, but He will open the eyes of your heart, calm your anxious soul, and bring you true joy.  
     To be totally honest, I have no clue where I’ll be in a year or even in a few months. The one thing that I do know, however, is that God will be my solid Rock throughout every decision and resume I make. I’m so beyond thankful for the God of angel armies who is always by my side.

1.)    Write a novel/ have it published
2.)    Become a police officer
3.)    Learn to surf
4.)    Own a bakery with my fam and/or bestie
5.)    Go to the Vessels of Honor and/or Rise Up conference
6.)    Run a marathon
7.)    Go out witnessing
8.)    Go on a spur of the moment trip
9.)    Get my license
10.)  Own a husky
11.)  Look sexy in a toque (Canadian Girls –Dean Brody reference)
12.)  Own a ranch for disadvantaged and/or disabled kids
13.)  Go hunting
14.)  Go back to Texas (Going next month!!)
15.)  See the Rocket Summer, House of Heroes, and Switchfoot
16.)  Read the whole Bible cover to cover
17.)  Finish reading Will Our Generation Speak by Grace Mally
18.)  Finish reading Glories Seen and Unseen by Warren Henderson
19.)  Learn to knit
20.)  Finish the third volume of my Dear Future Husband journals
21.)  Learn how to hockey stop
22.)  Donate blood
23.)  Donate my hair for cancer
24.)  Meet the girl that was named after me
25.)  Go on a missions trip
26.)  Go to Italy
27.)  Wear a jean skirt to a Bible conference just for fun
28.)  Learn the Napoleon Dynamite dance
29.)  Adopt a child/children
30.)  Go mudding
31.)  Go snowmobiling
32.)  Meet the Robertsons
33.)  Graduate
34.)  Drive a truck
35.)  Shoot a gun
36.)  Go fishing for dinner
37.)  Go camping
38.)  Go hiking
39.)  Make a YouTube channel
40.)  Meet the BlimeyCow cast
41.)  Try moose meat
42.)  Drive standard like a pro
43.)  Grow my hair passed my waist
44.)  Milk a cow
45.)  Own a baby pig
46.)  Help build a house
47.)  Learn to make perogies
48.)  Grow my own food
49.)  Eat at least 6 more Terry’s oranges
50.)  Live in ‘the country’
51.)  Go to Colorado
52.)  Learn to play guitar
53.)  Bring all of the fresh flowers from my wedding to an old folks home and hand them out to all of the women there
54.)  Be the actual maid of honor in my brother’s wedding
55.)  Spend at least 2 weeks totally gluten free
56.)  Rock climbing
57.)  Donate as many of my worldly possessions as possible
58.)  Eat noodles with chopsticks
59.)  Look attractive while eating sushi
60.)  Drink coconut milk from a coconut
61.)  Help someone break free of an addiction
62.)  Make my mom’s ‘famous’ desserts flawlessly
63.)  Build something with my hands
64.)  Get a manicure
65.)  Get a professional massage
66.)  Go to Chick-Fil-A
67.)  See the sun set over Niagara Falls
68.)  Learn to cook well enough that my family won’t starve to death
69.) Take a self defense class
70.)  Make flour less chocolate cake
71.)  Have a perfect, clich√© face wash moment
72.)  Kiss a boy on the cheek while wearing lipstick
73.)  Wear a flowy dress and spin around in a field, inspirational music optional
74.)  Get flesh colored nail polish
75.)  Go for longer than 2 months without using heat on my hair
76.)  Straighten my brother’s hair
77.)  Eat solely pineapple for a meal (For the record, it makes your mouth bleed.)
78.)  See a crazy hockey injury occur
79.)  Own a decent phone for once
80.)  Watch an R-rated movie
81.)  Change my last name
82.)  Catch a sasquatch
83.)  Build an igloo
84.)  Ride a camel
85.)  Kiss a horse
86.)  Buy Toms and/or Uggs
87.)  Buy a grad dress
88.)  Date a boy
89.) Make gluten free bread from scratch
90.)  Acquire a cool accent
91.)  Buy a foam finger at a sporting event
92.)  Buy some decent looking sunglasses and normal glasses
93.)  Break a bone
94.)  Bring a date to a wedding
95.)  Fill a pool with Jell-o
96.)  Have a ‘Picture of the Day’ kind of thing in which there is visible change
97.)  Marry the man that God has waiting for me
98.)  Whistle at an attractive person just for the heck of it
99.)  Get a job
100.)                     Flash mob.


  1. Cool project! I think you totally should donate your hair. I did mine in May and it feels great! It's a great cause to support. Plus short hair + summer = AWESOME FEELINGS.

    I also appreciated "wear a flowy dress and twirl around in a field." If you want someone to come with you in that endeavour, my flowy dresses are always at the ready. ;)

  2. I really liked your "now what" it was really touching! I am totally taking tht idea and adding it to my bucket list!! The video was awesome and fun! I thought your item "look attractive while eating sushi" it's so true OMG, I probably look horrible while eating sushi!

  3. I think it's pretty cool that a few of your bucket list entries are based around doing things for other people, instead of entirely experiences you want to have. I also liked your presentation of the Author's note; it was a pretty unique idea.

  4. Your presentation is really good but your "now what" video was very touching. It reminded me of my past family members who are close to me passed away from cancer. Donating your hair will be a nice thing you could to someone who has cancer.